i really enjoy creating custom paintings that are personally meaningful to the collector, using your stories and symbols and my artistic style to create something truly unique and special. 


the details

  • all commissioned work is created on 100% cotton watercolor paper

  • pricing starts at $250

  • a 50% deposit is due upon acceptance of your project, and 50% upon completion, prior to shipping.

  • all communication is done via email


the process

  • fill out this form or email me at with the following information:
    1. what sort of work are you interested in commissioning? a drawing, botanical painting, or abstract painting?
    2. what size would you like the final work to be? common sizes include 5x7, 8x8, 8x10, 12x12, 11x14, 16x20, or 18x24 inches
    3. what botanicals, symbols, or shapes would you like to see in the final work? 
    4. what colors would you like me to use?
    5. when do you need the work competed by?
    6. any other information you would like me to know in order to create the work? photos and references are extremely helpful!
  • i will respond (usually within a few days) with any additional questions i have, a request for references, and what you can expect for timing. as soon as i have enough information i will provide you with a quote for the work (i will try to get you a quote as soon as possible so you have an idea of what to expect. i can often adjust the size/detail level of the work to fit into your budget)

  • i create your painting!

  • upon completion i will send you photos of your completed work along with a final invoice. your painting will be shipped via usps. 


please feel free to reach out with questions regarding the commission process